Category: Animal Sounds

Animal sounds are the most searched for terms on Google when it comes to searches related to nature sounds. Animal sounds can indeed be quite relaxing and nice to listen to, like the sound of whales calling and dolphins chattering, wolves howling and lions roaring, for example. In this category, you can find various videos with sounds from lots of animals to listen to while you are focusing on work, studying for school, doing some meditation, or as sleep sounds

Sound of whales calling

Relaxing sounds of whales calling

Relaxing sounds of whales calling in the ocean. This video is just a picture thou, but it contains 8 hours of the most relaxing sound of whales and underwater sounds. Put these sounds on at night to fall asleep faster, and get a deeper and more restful sleep. Great as work and study sounds

Crickets chirping and bees buzzing in the forest

Crickets chirping and bees buzzing

Forest ambiance with the sound of crickets chirping and bees buzzing, by an old root cellar covered with green vegetation and dense trees. Calming background sound to listen to while focusing on your work or studies, or you can turn your TV or monitor into a nice screensaver with this video