Nature sounds have helped people fight anxiety, stress, and depression for ages. If you have ever felt down or been in a bad mood, then went for a hike in the forest, you might have felt the power of nature firsthand. Being outside in fresh air makes our body and mind feel more at ease and refreshed. If you have been inside too much lately, and you feel tired, lazy, and got no motivation to do anything, put on your clothes and go for a walk in the nature, listen to the nature sounds while clearing your mind of any stressful and worrying thoughts. Once you get back you will feel the difference, your body will be more energized and your mood will improve. But listening to nature sounds isn't an option for everyone, especially for those who live in big cities, with a great distance to the nearest forest or coastline. That is why Nature Sounds TV is here, to bring you the sounds from Mother Nature directly to your phone, PC or tablet. Here you can browse through 9 different categories of nature sounds, with high quality videos of various landscapes from all the seasons of the year, with new nature sound videos uploaded every week. Try listening to nature sounds if you have problems falling asleep, or to help improve focus and concentration while working, studying, or meditating. You can also find our nature sound tracks on SoundCloud at the bottom of the site

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Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds are one of the most searched for sounds on Google. This category contains sounds from various animals that are not birds, because birds have their own category right next to this one. This category is a bit hard to fill up as animal sounds are hard to come by, but as time passes and i find new tracks, more animal sounds will be added to this category
Bird Sounds
Bird sounds is another of the most popular nature sounds people search for when they want something relaxing to listen to. Maybe not so strange, since they are calming for the body and mind. If you are working on something in front of your computer, try listening to the sound of birds singing in the forest, instead of listening to the radio, TV or distracting music
Fire Sounds
Fire sounds are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home, either in your living room, bedroom, or while you are sitting in front of your computer or tablet, working or studying for school. In this category you can listen to crackling sound of fireplaces, campfires, bonfires, and more. These videos are also optimal for turning your TV or monitors into a cozy fireplace
Ocean Sounds
Ocean sounds are one of my favorite background sounds for falling asleep and getting a nice deep sleep at nights, they are also very calming to listen to while working and studying. In this category you can watch and listen to ocean sounds in various landscapes and settings, from large waves crashing during storms, to tiny waves gently slapping against the beach
Rain Sounds
Rain sounds is another natural sound that is great for falling asleep. If you have a great set of speakers you can make it sound like your bedroom is in the middle of a rainstorm. The sound of rain falling makes being inside feel safe and cozy, if you need to be inside and work, close the shutters,put on the relaxing nature sound of rain falling and get started working
River Sounds
River sounds are great for blocking out other annoying and very distracting sounds from your envireoment, like people chattering, traffic passing by, ongoing construction in the area, and so on. Block out these noises by putting on the roaring sound of a strong river rushing down the green forest, which in return makes it easier to focus on the tasks you have ahead
Thunderstorm Sounds
Thunderstorm sounds is the perfect companion for those days that you have to be inside, studying for school or catching up with work. If the day is nice and the sun is shining, having to be inside then can actually be quite frustrating. Crank up your surround speakers and make it sound like the end of days is right upon you, with wind, thunder, rain, and lightning sounds
Waterfall Sounds
Waterfall sounds are quite like river sounds, only stronger and more intense. Basicly it's like a white noise created by Mother Nature herself. This makes waterfall sounds work great as sleep sounds too, since they are static and have no sudden changes that takes your focus away, like birds and thunder sounds may. New waterfall sound videos uploaded frequently
Wind Sounds
Wind sounds are commonly used as sleep sounds amongst people who find it hard to fall asleep at night. Creating the illusion of being safe inside, while the wind is howling outside relaxes the mind and body, which makes falling asleep easier. Listening to the sound of wind blowing is also a great way to increase focus and concentration while working or studying


Listen to the relaxing sounds of birds singing while you are on the go, with this SoundCloud playlist containing 15 tracks of bird sounds in various settings. These bird sounds are around 10 minutes long, but you can set them to loop so they will play over and over for as long as you want. Keep calm and focused while doing some work or studying, with relaxing bird sounds
River sounds album with various very relaxing nature sounds, where rivers flowing are the main focus. This SoundCloud album contains 15 calming sound tracks that you can listen to on your phone when you are away from home. These river sounds varies in strenght, so that you can choose between calm rivers flowing gently, or the roaring sound of loud rivers
This waterfall nature sound album on SoundCloud is the perfect companion to listen to with your earplugs when you are on the move, and you want to block out external noises that may be quite overwhelming. If you suffer from anxiety, replacing stressful sounds with waterfall sounds can help your brain feel more calm. This album contains 15 waterfall sounds