About Nature Sounds TV

Nature Sounds TV is a video production company that records landscape videos with ambient sounds and publishes them on social media and video sharing platforms, as well as various music streaming sites and online stores. All the landscape videos on this website are recorded in the northern parts of Norway. Below, you can see a video and pictures of some of the locations where the videos are recorded, as well as a map of the region. New videos are uploaded on a weekly basis, so there is always something fresh at Nature Sounds TV. Should you have any questions, you can use the contact email located in the site header

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Browse nature sounds by categories to narrow down your search for the perfect sound to calm down with or use as a sleep sound when you go to bed at night. These categories are packed with nature sound videos covering everything from the shooting sound of birds singing, to loud intense thunderstorm sounds. No matter what type of nature sounds you find the most relaxing, you should be able to find something here. All of our videos also loop indefinitely by themself

Latest nature sound videos posted

Pure sound of thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning sounds

Pure sound of thunder and lightning for 10 hours with a short video that fades to black. These are isolated sounds, so there are no wind or rain sounds in the mix here. This is a visualization of the soundtrack with the same name from the Thunderstorm Sounds album

Rainy day in the city

Rainy day in the city with 10 hours of calming sounds for sleep and relaxation, accompanied by some rain footage to set the mood in the beginning before it fades into a black screen. If you are having problems falling asleep at night, try playing these sounds in your bedroom

Sizzling sound of rain

Sizzling sound of rain falling

Fall asleep with the relaxing sizzling sound of rain pouring down that lasts for 10 hours, which should be enough to get you through the night. This is the YouTube version of the soundtrack with the same name from the Rain Sounds, accompanied by some footage of an apple

Browse nature sounds by category