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Monkeys screching in the jungle

The sound of frogs croaking in the rain for 10 hours with a black screen after 15 seconds. Maybe you find croaking frogs relaxing and can use it as a sleep sound, or just to keep on as a background sound while doing other things. Didn’t have any footage of frogs in the rain, so the footage is just some random frogs

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Sound of goats bleating in the meadow for 10 hours with a screen that fades to black after 15 seconds. Should you ever need goat sounds for any reason, here you go. This is the YouTube version of the soundtrack with the same name from the free album Animal Sounds
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Updated May 23. 2022
The sound of monkeys screeching in the jungle for 10 hours, with some footage of monkeys in the beginning to set the mood before the screen fades to black. 10 hours of monkey sounds for sleep, hence the black screen, or because I don't have a pile of monkey vids laying around
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Updated May 18. 2022
Visualization of the soundtrack Wolves Howling in The Night from the album Animal Sounds. This video contains 8 hours with isolated wolf sounds. Some may find the sound of howling wolves frightening, while others find it relaxing, personally, I find them quite pleasant
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Updated April 17. 2022

Free animal sounds album

Free animal sounds album with 15 tracks of various animals making their sounds and noises. Here you can listen to everything from rats squeaking to wild bears growling, frogs croaking and wolves howling. These animal sounds can also be played on loop forever if you play them directly from our free SoundCloud page

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Pure sound of thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning sounds

Pure sound of thunder and lightning for 10 hours with a short video that fades to black. These are isolated sounds, so there are no wind or rain sounds in the mix here. This is a visualization of the soundtrack with the same name from the Thunderstorm Sounds album

Rainy day in the city

Rainy day in the city with 10 hours of calming sounds for sleep and relaxation, accompanied by some rain footage to set the mood in the beginning before it fades into a black screen. If you are having problems falling asleep at night, try playing these sounds in your bedroom

Sizzling sound of rain

Sizzling sound of rain falling

Fall asleep with the relaxing sizzling sound of rain pouring down that lasts for 10 hours, which should be enough to get you through the night. This is the YouTube version of the soundtrack with the same name from the Rain Sounds, accompanied by some footage of an apple

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