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Wolf and wind sounds

Relaxing sounds of wolves howling and wind blowing in the night forest, lasting for 10 hours with a black screen after 15 seconds. If you like both wolves and wind sounds, give this combination a shot if you are looking for a new sleep sound, or as something calming to listen to while studying or doing some work

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Here are some other animal sound videos you can check out if this wasn’t of interest. You can also check out the homepage for the latest posted nature sounds

Sewer ambience with dripping water and rat sounds. Play the sound of rats squeaking and see how your cat reacts to it. Probably not useful for more than that, unless you find it relaxing. This scene is a visualization of the rat soundtrack from the album Animal Sounds
Average rating 3 out of 5
Updated July 19. 2022
The sound of monkeys screeching in the jungle for 10 hours, with some footage of monkeys in the beginning to set the mood before the screen fades to black. 10 hours of monkey sounds for sleep, hence the black screen, or because I don't have a pile of monkey vids laying around
Average rating 4 out of 5
Updated July 18. 2022
Forest ambiance with the sound of crickets chirping and bees buzzing, by an old root cellar covered with green vegetation and dense trees. Calming background sound to listen to while focusing on your work or studies, or you can turn your TV or monitor into a nice screensaver
Average rating 4.8 out of 5
Updated July 19. 2022
Visualization of the soundtrack Bear snarling and growling from the album Animal Sounds. 8 hours with the sound of an angry bear, for all your bear sound needs. Is your pet bear feeling lonely? Play this to make him feel less lonely, or scare away people lurking around your home
Average rating 2 out of 5
Updated July 19. 2022
Lion sounds with roaring and growling for all your lion sound needs. Bring out your inner lion with this 4 hour long video with an angry lion. This is a visualization of the soundtrack Lions Roaring And Growling from the free album Animal Sounds from Nature Sounds TV
Average rating 4.8 out of 5
Updated July 19. 2022
Visualization of the soundtrack Wolves Howling in The Night from the album Animal Sounds. This video contains 8 hours with isolated wolf sounds. Some may find the sound of howling wolves frightening, while others find it relaxing, personally, I find them quite pleasant
Average rating 5 out of 5
Updated July 19. 2022

Free animal sounds album

Free animal sounds album with 15 tracks of various animals making their sounds and noises. Here you can listen to everything from rats squeaking to wild bears growling, frogs croaking and wolves howling. These animal sounds can also be played on loop forever if you play them directly from our free SoundCloud page

Latest nature sound videos posted

Forest road with bird sounds

The calming sound of birds singing their songs by an old road in the forest that mother nature is reclaiming, surrounded by dense green trees with a blue sky and a bit of clouds in the background. 10 hours of bird sounds to help you calm down after having a stressful day

Kicking Horse River sounds

Kicking Horse River sounds

10 hours of river sounds accompanied by footage of the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park, Canada. If you are having problems falling asleep at night, try listening to these static noises made by mother nature herself. White noises are also great for sleeping

Night forest ambience

Night forest ambience

Calming night forest ambience with the sound of wind blowing, wolves howling, and crows cawing in the distance. Use these sounds to create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. Or as a relaxing background sound for work studying

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