Fireplace crackling and popping

Create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with the crackling sounds and warming views of a fire burning in an open fireplace. This crackling fireplace video and high-quality sounds can be used to create a feeling of peace and tranquility, warmth, and coziness in your living room, office, or in the bedroom


Wind blowing and birds singing

Sounds from the fantasy forest

Welcome to the fantasy forest, where the strong wind is blowing and rustling the leaves on the trees, while the birds are singing their songs. 8 hours of relaxing forest nature sounds to calm down with. This is a visualization of the soundtrack Wind Blowing and Birds Singing

Sound of waves against a beach

Sound of waves against the beach

Nature sounds of ocean waves washing up against the beach on a sunny summer day, with a clear blue sky and green forest in the background. 4K UHD nature video with calming sounds that are great to listen to while doing some work or studying at home, or as calm sleep sounds

Ravens cawing at night

Ravens cawing at night

The sound of ravens cawing at night, with a slight background sound of wind blowing gently. 8 hours of raven sounds for all your raven sound needs, whatever they might be. Maybe you find these screeching sounds calming and can use them as sleep sounds, or annoy other people with them

Nature sounds from SoundCloud