Campfire and wolf sounds

Crackling campfire sounds in a winter landscape, with the sound of wolves howling in the background. Calming noises from nature for sleep and relaxation, work, and studying. This is a visualization from the soundtrack Wolves howling outside the camp from the album Fire Sounds by Nature Sounds TV


Sound of waves

Nature sound of waves crashing

Relaxing sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore on a cloudy and windy autumn day. Calming background sound for work, study, meditation, relaxation, falling asleep, and sleeping better. Turn your monitor or TV into a nice ocean nature screensaver too with this ocean video

River flowing and wind blowing

River running and wind blowing

The sound of water running and the wind blowing in the trees on a sunny summer day, with a clear blue sky in the back. Relaxing water sounds and wind noises that are great for falling asleep at night and getting a deeper more restful sleep, if you like listening to noisy sounds at night

Waterfall white noise for sleep

Waterfall white noise for sleep

Summer forest landscape with white noise from a roaring waterfall in the background, rushing down a steep ravine. Calm down and fall asleep and get a deep sleep with this waterfall white noise video, filmed in Northern Norway on a summer day. This video also makes a beautiful screensaver

Nature sounds from SoundCloud