Wind sounds album on SoundCloud

Create a cozy atmosphere in your home with this nature sounds album with 15 tracks of wind sounds from various settings and locations. Wind sounds are great to keep on in the background, while you are sitting in front of your computer, trying to focus on your work or studies. Since wind sounds are mostly static and don't have any sudden changes, they are also perfect to use as sleep sounds. Play this album directly from SoundCloud to enable the loop function to play your favorite track on repeat

Imagine being cooped up in a log cabin in the vast wilderness during the dead of winter. The snow is blowing, the strong wind is howling, and you are trying to hurry back inside after gathering a few more logs for your fireplace. Finally, you get back inside the cabin and add your dry wood to the fire, which receives these new logs with a cheerful crackle and pop. You warm your hands near the fire and crawl back under the blankets so grateful for the warmth. As you lie in your bed, hunkered down on this cold and miserable day, you begin to realize that you are thankful for something else, the sound of the wind screaming and howling against the outer walls of your log cabin. The wind sounds change from a low pitch grunt to a high pitched screech. As you listen to these wind sounds, you begin to feel relaxed and completely content with the sustenance that you have. Native Americans believe that wind is spiritual. The wind has a cleansing effect on the planet and on our minds. We need it to survive. The sound of the wind is relaxing and helps us come to terms with our situations and circumstances. The sound of wind causes us to reflect on what we have and to be grateful for what we have. You can listen to wind sounds any time right here for hours. This relaxing nature sound album is also perfect to use as sleep sounds