Waterfall sounds album on SoundCloud

Waterfall sounds are static white noises from mother nature herself, which can be of great help to quickly fall asleep and get a deep sleep during the night. If you have problems being distracted by other noises from outside, like traffic, talking people passing by, and other city sounds that keep you awake, try to put on the sound of a waterfall flowing, and they will drown the noises from the outdoors and let your mind relax. Play these sounds directly from SoundCloud to activate the loop function

While rain and river sounds promote relaxation and sleep, and bird sounds promote alertness and mental focus, waterfall sounds foster contentment and happiness. This is what makes waterfall sounds excellent to listen to if you are experiencing anxiety and or depression. Why do you think so many people install small waterfalls in their offices, fishponds, backyards, etc.?  People love to sit by a waterfall, read a book, do their homework, research online, or share a glass of wine. Nature Sounds TV brings the sound of waterfalls to you wherever you are on whichever device you are using. When listening to the sound of a waterfall in your home, it's peaceful and makes you feel light-hearted. However, if you were sitting by the thunderous Niagara Falls, you would likely feel very alert because the sound would be deafening and a little frightening. However, listening to Niagara Falls online has a much different effect on the psyche because you know that you are perfectly safe wherever you are. The same phenomenon occurs when listening to other nature sounds, such as a lion's roar. For example, listening to a lion's roar online can be relaxing, but doing the same in-person would likely have a completely different effect on you. If waterfalls are too intense for you to listen to, then check out the calmer River Sounds album