Rain sounds album on SoundCloud

Rain sounds are one of the most popular sleep sounds amongst people who find it difficult to sleep at night. The relaxing sound of rain falling calms both the body and mind, this also makes rain sounds perfect to play when you are trying hard to stay focused while doing some work or studying for school in front of your computer. This calming nature sounds album contains 15 tracks of rain sounds in various strengths and settings. Play these directly from SoundCloud to get the loop function enabled

If you are an admirer of nature sounds, then you probably already know that rain sounds are some of the most relaxing melodies that nature gives us.  We are proud to bring you some of the most relaxing, healing, and restful rain sounds that you will find on the world wide web. Just press play and forget about your worries as you drift off into dreamland. We have endless hours of authentic rain sounds right here, everything from light rain and pattering rain to heavy rainstorms. The sound of rain has been scientifically proven to induce relaxation and stress reduction, and rain is one of the most widely used natural sounds for sleep. Do you have a crying or colicky baby? If so, trying playing rain sounds and watch your baby relax and sleep. Different sounds and noises are associated with varying colors. For example, you may have heard of white noise, TV static, electric fan, air conditioner, etc. Many people prefer white noise when they are studying, as it helps them tune out the other artificial noises around them. Pink noises are natural sounds, but not all are best for sleep. If you are looking for nature sounds to help with stress reduction, sleep problems, or just for relaxation, rain sounds are the best you will find. This album contains relaxing rain sounds from various settings mixed with other sounds from mother nature