Sound of waves against the shore

The calming nature sound of waves washing up against the shore on a cloudy winter day. Relaxing sound to keep on in the background while working, studying, meditating, or when trying to fall asleep. Turn your TV or monitor into a nice winter nature screensaver with this 4K UHD video from Norway


Ravens cawing at night

Ravens cawing at night

The sound of ravens cawing at night, with a slight background sound of wind blowing gently. 8 hours of raven sounds for all your raven sound needs, whatever they might be. Maybe you find these screeching sounds calming and can use them as sleep sounds, or annoy other people with them

Ocean waves crashing against the shore

Waves splashing against the shore

Relaxing sound from nature with ocean waves splashing against the shore. Calm down your body and mind while listening to these ocean noises. Sound of ocean waves are perfect to play in the background while you are working, studying, doing some meditation, or for falling asleep at night

Calming sound of a river

Calming sound of a river

Calming sound of a river rushing down the forest on a late summer evening, with a subtle sound of water bubbling in the foreground. Relaxing nature sound for falling asleep and sleeping deeper, block out any annoying external sounds and replace them with these river sounds

Nature sounds from SoundCloud