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Skyrim with birds and water sounds

Relaxing Skyrim ambience with the sound of water flowing and birds singing. Gameplay footage from Skyrim Special Edition that’s been stripped of the audio and replaced with these nature sounds, the footage has also been color graded. Calming sounds to listen to while working, studying, or just for chilling out

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Relaxing summer nature video of an aerial view of a green forest with the sound of a calm river flowing, and birds singing their soothing songs. Calm down your body and mind with the sounds from the forest, perfect background sound to listen to while focusing on work or your studies
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Updated July 19. 2022
The beautiful Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Canada on a nice and clear winter day with a bit of fog rolling across the lake, accompanied by the relaxing nature sounds of birds chirping, subtle waves splashing gently against the snowy shore, and a little bit of wind sounds
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Updated July 18. 2022
Calming sounds from an autumn river flowing gently, while birds are singing in the forest on a bright sunny autumn day. Play these soothing sounds of nature to improve your focus and concentration while you are working or studying for school, as they won't draw your focus away
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Updated July 19. 2022

Free bird sounds album

Free bird sounds album with 15 relaxing soundtracks of birds singing their songs, accompanied by various other soothing nature sounds. These bird sounds are great to listen to while trying to focus on your work or studios, or as sleep sounds at night. You can play these sounds on loop forever on our SoundCloud page

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Forest nature sounds

Norwegian forest with nature sounds

Norwegian forest landscape filmed on a nice sunny summer day at Kjerringøy in Northern Norway, accompanied by the relaxing nature sounds of a subtle breeze and gentle stream sounds. Calming sounds to play while working, studying, or doing your meditation

Summer forest with bird sounds

Relaxing sound of birds singing

Beautiful nature landscape of a summer forest with a calm wide river flowing in the Thayatal National Park in Austria, with relaxing bird sounds for 10 hours. Calming sounds to play in the background while sitting in front of your computer, doing some work, or studying

Summer forest sounds

Wind in the summer forest

Relaxing nature sounds from the summer forest with wind rustling leaves in the trees, while birds are chirping now and then. Perfect sounds to keep on in the background while trying to focus on your work or studies, without getting distracted, or you can try it as a sleep sound

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