Shallow river in the forest

Relaxing river sounds for sleep with a 4K UHD nature video taken deep in the Norwegian forest on a sunny summer day. Calm down your body and mind with these nature sounds from the shallow river flowing in the shadows, perfect for falling asleep and sleeping deeper, or while working or studying


Owls hooting at night

Owls hooting at night

Owls hooting at night with sound of crickets chirping and wind blowing. Create a cozy, or eerie, ambience in your bedroom by playing these owl sounds at night. This is a visualization of the soundtrack Owls Hooting in The Night from the totally free album Bird Sounds by Nature Sounds TV

Forest with bird sounds

Forest with sounds of birds singing

Summer forest landscape with the sound of the wind blowing in the trees, and birds singing their relaxing songs. If you are looking for a calming background sound to listen to while trying to focus on your work or studies, give this nature sound video a shot. It also makes a nice TV screensaver

Strong river nature sound

Nature sound of a loud river flowing

The nature sound of a loud river flowing past an old millstone after days of heavy rain, surrounded by the wet autumn forest on a gray day. Great white sound for relaxing and falling asleep. Turn your monitor or TV into a beautiful nature screensaver with this video from Norway

Nature sounds from SoundCloud