Sound of a river in the winter

Calming nature sound of a river flowing between the snow and ice in the winter forest, on a cold and gray day. Relaxing background sound while working, studying, meditating, or for falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper. Great for blocking out annoying noises too, like distant traffic and office sounds


Waterfall nature sound

Waterfall in the forest with birds

The relaxing nature sound of a beautiful waterfall in the forest, with birds chirping now and then. Great sound to play while trying to focus on your work or studies, these nature sounds keeps you more concentrated than if you are listening to music, radio, or the TV in the background

Owls hooting at night

Owls hooting at night

Owls hooting at night with sound of crickets chirping and wind blowing. Create a cozy, or eerie, ambience in your bedroom by playing these owl sounds at night. This is a visualization of the soundtrack Owls Hooting in The Night from the totally free album Bird Sounds by Nature Sounds TV

Sound of water falling off a dam in the forest

Water falling off a dam in the forest

Sound of water falling off a dam and rushing down the green forest on a nice and sunny summer day. If you use white noises as sleep sounds, give this sound of a strong river a shot if you are looking for something new. Makes a nice 4K UHD summer nature screensaver as well for TVs

Nature sounds from SoundCloud