Thunderstorm sounds album on SoundCloud

Nature sounds album with 15 tracks of thunder and lightning mixed with other bad weather sounds. Thunderstorm sounds are great for creating a calming atmosphere indoors, while you are stuck in front of your computer, working or studying for school. Create the illusion of bad weather, while you remain in the comforts of your own home. Increase your focus and concentration by playing nature sounds instead of music. Listen directly from our SoundCloud profile to get the loop function enabled

In real life, the booming sound of thunder can be quite jarring!  When we listen to thunderstorm sounds on a personal device, they are non-threatening, so they have the opposite effect on us - they actually are calming and peaceful. The distant rumbles and howls of a non-threatening thunderstorm can put you to sleep like a bottle does a baby. Just like the sound of rain, which is usually heard in thunderstorm sounds, the sound of thunder makes us relax and feel sleepy. Thunderstorm sounds are a form of pink noise that provides our brains with a tonic signal that decreases the need for sensory input, causing a relaxing effect to occur on our minds and bodies. The sounds of thunder and lightning connect us to the earth, remind us of our place in the universe, and help us to temporarily forget all of our troubles and worries, if only for a moment. This is why rain sounds and thunderstorms often put us to sleep. In addition to being highly relaxing, thunderstorms have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety. It's interesting how thunderstorms utterly destroy people's lives, flipping their world upside down, literally and figuratively speaking. At the same time, the sound of a thunderstorm in our earbuds or on TV can calm our hearts, relax our minds, and soothe our spirits. Indeed, nature and the sounds it makes is wonderful