River Sounds album on SoundCloud

River sounds are great background sounds for falling asleep and getting a deeper sleep at night. Block out external noises from your surroundings, and replace them with the static sound of rivers instead. This album contains 15 tracks of various river sounds, with additional background noises like wind and birds chirping. Nature sounds are also of great help to improve focus and concentration while working or studying. You can loop these tracks if you go to SoundCloud and play them there

River sounds are commonly thought of as white noises for relaxation, sleep, and meditation. This is because the term "white noise" is widely used to define any kind of background noise that promotes and fosters these activities. In reality, the sound of a river make is pink noise, not white noise. White noises are sounds that come from artificial sources, such as TVs, radios, air conditioners, and furnaces. Pink noises are defined by the color of energy that they give off, and pink noises are the best sounds to listen to for sleep, rest, and meditation. The sound of a river flowing in a forest can slow down a racing mind, reduce your heart rate, and melt the stress away after a long day at work or frustrating rush-hour drive home in a big city. Make no mistake; you don't have to be a tree hugger or a nature lover to benefit from the natural, soothing sounds that a river makes. If you are human, you can benefit from listening to river sounds at the right times. The natural relaxation and reduced heart rate that listeners of river sounds experience lead to a more positive attitude and outlook. Indeed, it's hard to pray, meditate, or fall asleep when your heart is pounding and your mind is racing. A lot of people turn to alcohol or a prescription pill to solve these problems when there are natural remedies available, remedies like nature sounds