Ocean sounds album on SoundCloud

Ocean sounds are great to listen to while you are trying to fall asleep fast and get a deeper more restful sleep. This album contains 15 tracks of ocean sounds in various settings, from gentle waves washing up against the beach, to ocean storms with thunder and lightning. Ocean sounds are also great to listen to while you are trying to get some work done, if you can't deal with silence, try to listen to the sea sounds instead of distracting music. You can loop them by playing directly from SoundCloud

Dating back to our oldest known ancestors, human beings have been captivated and fascinated by the sights, smells, and sounds of the world's oceans. Being on the beach, walking in the sand, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and filling your lungs with the sweet, misty ocean air is good for both the brain and the body. Scientific research has proven that clean ocean air helps the brain to function at optimal levels. It helps humans to focus and relax as well. If you have been for a walk along the beach lately, you probably can identify with the concept that being on the beach promotes concentration and deep thinking, while also inducing a relaxed state of being. Numerous studies have proven that listening to ocean sounds has the same effect of promoting concentration and deep thinking as actually being on the beach does. Interestingly, ocean sounds are considered to be a form of pink noise, although ocean sounds are commonly referred to as "white noises." Pink noises are the sounds that are best used to foster rest, relaxation, and sleep. Ocean and lake sounds are unique in that they promote concentration and mental focus above all else. Whether you are looking for nature sounds to promote mental clarity and concentration, or relaxation and sleep, ocean sounds are an excellent choice