Bird sounds album on SoundCloud

The relaxing sounds of birds singing in the forest, in various nature settings. If you are sitting in front of your computer or pad, trying to do some work, or studying for school, try to replace the radio, TV or music with the soothing sounds of birds instead. The bird sounds won't take your attention away, making it much easier to focus and concentrate on your tasks. This free album contains 15 tracks of relaxing bird sounds, listen to them directly on SoundCloud so that you can put the tracks on loop

Did you know that different nature sounds have different benefits and effects on the people who listen to them? Well, it's true. For example, while the rain sounds often promote relaxation and sleep, bird sounds are second-to-none at fostering concentration and learning. People also find background bird singing to be relaxing, but bird song is usually not the ideal nature sound that people use when they want to fall asleep. Why do bird sounds perk us up and make us more alert? Put real simple, bird sounds are nature's unique alarm system. This is why we feel safe, secure, and at ease when the birds are singing. It is only when those birds stop singing that we have reason to worry. The sound of singing birds indicates fresh, new energy as if the start of a new day. The sound of birds singing stimulates us cognitively, enhancing and promoting our focus and learning abilities. This is what makes bird sounds the perfect natural sound for studying. Of course, enhanced focus and learning are not the only benefits of listening to bird sounds. Like rain sounds, waterfall sounds, ocean sounds, wind sounds, river sounds, and other nice nature sounds from our gorgeous planet, the sound of birds singing also reduces our anxiety and stress levels. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you quickly can start playing the sound tracks below