Animal sounds album on SoundCloud

Animal sounds album with 15 tracks of sounds from various animals. From pets like cats and dogs, to farm animals like cows, sheep, and goats, and wild exotic beasts like lions, jaguars, and bears growling and snarling. Wolves howling in the night, and monkeys screeching in the jungle. Dolphin chattering, and the sound of humpback whales calling in the ocean. Some of these animal sounds can be nice to listen to, while others are more suitable for tormenting your poor neighbours and roommates

We are dedicated to consistently bringing you the best sounds of nature that can be found online. If you follow us, you likely are aware that most of our content consists of wind sounds, ocean sounds, river sounds, waterfall sounds, etc. Indeed, we have built a reputation for having the best nature sounds on the Internet. Now, we are pleased to bring you some of the best animal sounds throughout the animal kingdom, such as ocean mammals, howling wolves, birds, and more. Animal sounds have many applications and uses in our daily functions and activities. For example, animal sounds can be listened to as we work or study to enhance focus and concentration. During a stressful drive or after a long day at the office, playing animal sounds can help to calm our hearts and make us relax, something that just about all of us can benefit from. We think the world would be a much better place if everyone would listen to nature sounds each day. We have captured hours of some of the best animal sounds on the planet. For example, we have dolphin sounds for our listeners. Dolphin and whale sounds are excellent for work, study, meditation, and any activities that involve a great deal of mental focus. These animals express emotion through the sounds they make, helping us to tune out the artificial world and realign with nature